As the original manufacturer of Halm Industries Presses, we offer the widest range of original Halm spare parts in the business at a very competitive price.


We stock parts for all types and generations of Halm machines situated around the globe, even discontinued electrical parts like PLC´s, etc.


The quality of our parts is already on a proven high level but we are always looking for ways to improve this quality even more. And of course, all parts come with a one year warrantee.


Our OEM spare parts:

  • Rollers
  • Plate/blanket cylinders
  • Gears
  • ICTP consumables
  • ColorMatic parts
  • Electrical components
  • Inkjet print heads and ink

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I/O Cards for ColorMatic Inkdoser will become obsolete

Twenty years ago, Halm was approached by Tronrud engineering in Norway to market, sell and support the well-known ColorMatic inkdosers.

In light of market changes, Tronrud Engineering decided to halt its production of new machines. It continued supporting products by supplying parts.

We were recently informed that Tronrud will no longer be able to supply Halm with a vital electronic part of the machine – the I/O card. It will become obsolete as production of the part has stopped. If this part fails, the machine will not function. 

Tronrud still has this part in stock, but no new cards will be added. It informed us they will continue to repair defect parts. This means we need to return defect cards for repair.

As long as we have cards in stock, and defect cards are returned by customers, we can maintain a supply line with the manufacturer. But over time, we expect that this will become a serious problem.

The electronics are becoming older; at a certain point the cards will be beyond repair.

At that point, we will have no parts left in stock for quick delivery. When that happens, the customer will need to return the card to Norway for repair, which means a 1 to 2-week machine downtime. 


Tronrud also indicated that they will no longer develop any new parts to replace obsolete parts in this product line. The lifecycle of this product has ended.

We feel it is important to inform you, as a valued customer, about this situation so that you have time to investigate alternate options. We at W+D regret the company’s decision to discontinue this product line.

For us, this means that we will stop selling rebuilt ColorMatics, as we no longer can guarantee support. We will continue supporting already installed machine bases as long as possible, depending on parts availability.